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Business Strategy and Technical Consultation


As the world continues to face unprecedented hurdles, one thing is certain – advanced materials and polymers will continue to play a vital role in current generation products and next-generation technology. Leveraging our background in materials science, chemistry, and business, Tactile Materials Solution’s mission is to provide well-informed insight and sharp technical analysis to empower innovators to meet these challenges head-on.

Strategy Consulting

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an executive at a corporation, or division leader, we can help you develop a business strategy tailored specifically to your niche while providing insight into the latest industry trends and alerting you to potential challenges on the horizon.

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Technical Services

Providing a new perspective on technical challenges - in product development or a specific production process. A fresh set of eyes is often all it takes to get over that seemingly impossible technical hurdle.

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Litigation Support

Supporting litigation or matters where there is a dispute by performing investigation, research, and technical analysis rooted in expert knowledge, and communicating our findings in a personable and competent manner.


About Us

Tactile Material Solutions is your partner in business strategy, analysis, and litigation support.

Tactile Materials Solutions was founded in 2019 to meet the growing demand for expert consultation within the rapidly evolving polymers, additive manufacturing, and advanced materials spaces.

With an extensive background on both the business and technical side, we’ve made it our mission to equip our clients with the best information available to meet their greatest challenges.

As your “ear to the ground”, we can provide valuable insights into the market landscape as well as identify ways to optimize your business strategy, production processes, and marketing materials.

TactileMS has also leveraged a diverse background in polymers, chemistry, and advanced materials to perform technical analysis in support of litigation matters and communicate our findings in a personable, easily understood, and competent manner.

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