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Polymers and Advanced Materials Consulting

Your partner in business strategy, analysis, and litigation support.

Strategy Consulting

At Tactile Materials Solutions, our mission is helping businesses expand through our diverse background in materials science and business. With a long history in the industry, we understand what works and can help you identify technology gaps, analyze the competitive landscape for a specific niche, or develop a business development plan to help drive growth.

Technical Services

A business strategy can be executed perfectly, but customers won’t line up out the door without a high-quality, robust product. With years of technical laboratory experience, Tactile Materials Solutions can perform failure analysis, chemical composition analysis, accelerated aging testing, and optimization of your production process to ensure the highest efficiency and quality standards are being met consistently.

Litigation Support

Nobody wants a dispute to turn to litigation, but when it does, it’s extremely important to ensure that the technical details are clearly understood by all parties involved and conveyed by an expert. Our extensive background in all facets of the advanced materials and polymers industry allow us to communicate complex technical details in an easily understandable way.



Helping drive your business forward through technically focused analysis and strategic partnership.

Years of experience working with clients across a wide range of industries with unique applications have given Dr. Benight and the technical staff at Tactile Materials Solutions an exceptional understanding of the polymer and advanced materials landscape. Nestled in Silicon Valley, TactileMS is kept constantly abreast of emerging materials technologies, often well before they hit the market.

As your strategic partner, Tactile Materials Solutions will be your ear to the ground, helping you navigate the competitive landscape. A few ways we bring value to our clients include:

• Analyzing the competitive landscape to identify gaps in technology currently being developed. This allows us to help you find opportunities for innovation and growth.
• Developing an effective marketing strategy to optimize your investment in business development activities, tailored specifically to your target market.
• Creating technical content to help market your product effectively to your future customers.
• Attending conferences to compile information on the market landscape, as well as identifying technologies which show potential for partnership opportunities.

Tactile Materials Solutions is incredibly well-connected across the polymer and advanced materials industry. In addition to helping identify areas for growth in the specific technology being developed by your company, TactileMS can help identify complementary technologies being developed by separate companies or individuals which present an opportunity for strategic partnership. In certain instances, it is more cost effective to form a partnership to fill technological or knowledge gaps rather than using valuable resources to fill those gaps yourself – we can help facilitate this process.



Bringing a fresh, new perspective to help solve your greatest technical challenges.

There is nothing more frustrating than running into a seemingly unsolvable roadblock during product development or research, causing you to spin your wheels as the budget slowly (or sometimes quickly) diminishes. More often than not, this is a result of being too “in the weeds” and the path forward becomes clear once you take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and reflect on previous project experience where a similar roadblock was encountered.

This is where Tactile Material Solutions can bring enormous value to your project and help get you back on the right track. Drawing from over 14 years of advanced materials research and development experience, TactileMS has helped navigate a wide range of technical challenges for clients in every industry imaginable. If your company isn’t hitting a specific roadblock but would like to optimize your processes or product – great, we can help with that too. A few areas where we’ve been able to help our clients include:

  • Developing material validation procedures and execution approach.

  • Failure analysis and root cause investigation on polymer materials.

  • Chemical composition analysis (testing and interpretation).

  • Accelerated aging/reliability testing.

  • Third party analysis of materials or production processes.

  • Conducting research on a given technical topic which could potentially be used to improve your processes.

As well as having a broad knowledge base at TactileMS, we have strategic partnerships across the materials science and polymers industry. Combined with these resources, we will ensure that any problem you present to us is approached in the most efficient way possible.

Justice Scale


Technical expertise to provide clarity in litigation matters.

Aside from helping businesses innovate and grow, Tactile Materials Solutions leverages extensive experience across the polymer and advanced materials industry to perform failure analysis investigations and communicate our findings to a range of audiences.

Armed with technical knowledge and a deep understanding of materials form and function, TactileMS can provide an informed, critical assessment of the situation while conveying highly technical information in an easily understandable fashion. Some examples of cases where we can provide expert support:

  • Medical devices involving polymers.

  • Polymer and chemistry issues in consumer products which incorporate plastics, adhesives, coatings, or inks.

  • Construction materials involving membranes, elastomeric paint, plastic pipe, or other polymers.

  • Intellectual property disputes.

In any dispute, it can be valuable to have expert input and analysis on technical issues. We support companies, insurers, individuals, and their counsel by performing investigations to inform our opinions and convey our findings. You can count on TactileMS to provide clarity on the technical details key to understanding the matter at hand.

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