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Founded in 2019, Tactile Materials Solutions is an internationally recognized consulting firm providing business strategy, scientific analysis, and litigation support services centered around polymers, chemistry, additive manufacturing, and advanced materials. Through our work, we support a variety of industries that employ these materials in products, including medical device, additive manufacturing, construction, to name a few.

Materials technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. With first hand experience in developing these materials and a keen interest in seeing innovative materials move from lab to market in the form of commercialized products, we pay attention to recent advances and the competitive landscape. Tactile Materials Solutions found an opportunity to provide value to a wide range of clients as a knowledgable and reliable resource while allowing you to focus your energy internally on your own key milestones. Having the latest and greatest insights helps you remain relevant in such a dynamic industry.

By understanding materials form and function, we are well-equipped to investigate failures that may occur in products. With an extensive background in materials characterization, our methods inform our opinions on the matter at hand. Whether presenting in the form of a written report, in front of a jury, arbitrator, conference audience, board room, senior leadership, or scientist and engineering colleagues, founder Stephanie Benight communicates technical findings in a personable, coherent, and approachable manner.

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Founder, President and Principal Scientist at Tactile Materials Solutions 

Stephanie Benight, PhD

Dr. Stephanie Benight assists clients in overall strategy and technical analysis related to polymers and advanced materials used in a variety of different industries (e.g. additive manufacturing, medical devices, construction, and consumer products). With a technical background in chemistry, as well as a demonstrated track record in business development and strategic partnership building, Dr. Benight brings a unique, holistic approach to solving complex business and technical problems.

After receiving her B.S. in Chemistry from Stanford University, Dr. Benight went on to complete a dual Ph.D in Chemistry and Nanotechnology at the University of Washington. Dr. Benight then served as Managing Scientist at Exponent, a scientific and engineering consulting firm, and Director of Materials at Origin. While at Origin, she forged an open material network of partners, developing UV-enabled resins for 3D printing technology. Her work resulted in the launch of three partnerships, each developing an available resin product in less than one year.

Dr. Benight has performed research in the areas of 3D printing, polymer mesh, liquid crystals, electro-optic materials, organic electronics (e.g. sensors, transistors), semiconductors, and next generation computing (e.g. optical computing) to name a few. She has led and conducted numerous root cause and failure analysis investigations of plastics, adhesives, and coatings (e.g. inks, paints) used in commercial products such as medical devices, building materials, consumer electronics, equipment components, and wind turbine blades, among others. Her experience includes developing the supply chain for various materials, helping startups commercialize academic-born materials, and establishing processes for quality control and material validation. Dr. Benight also holds a Visiting Scientist Appointment at the University of Washington.


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